Selasa, 26 Februari 2013

"Egypt" by Samuel Cirnansck (Brazil)

Desert, Stone in sahara, and state of nature in middle east being him inspiration for evening gown collection. he summarize it in "Egypt" by Samuel Cimansck.

He is the one of international designer who to be finale runway in Indonesian Fashion week 2013.  he used satin, lace and tule fabric with perfectly cutting made his collection glamour and elegance. it's a great runway to closed Indonesian fashion week 2013.

Photo & Teks : Bayu Radith

Senin, 25 Februari 2013

"Indonesia Modern Classic Archipelago" by Poppy Dharsono

Proud to be Indonesia and we should to proud with Indonesia designer like Poppy Dharsono, she used Indonesia Heritage fabric from Sabang until Marauke for her collection.. here there are "Indonesia Modern Classic Archipelago" by Poppy Dharsono

she made a traditional heritage fabric to be modern outfit with a touch of Indonesia culture. Raw silk, lace, and chiffon made her collection more elegant and glamour. fabulous..  

Photo & Teks : Bayu Radith

Sabtu, 23 Februari 2013

"In The Wood" Lennor by Lenny Agustin

Almost designers love to use import materials but not for Lennor by Lenny Agustin collection, she proud to use eco friendly traditional materials from indonesia which inspired by nature.. here there are In "The Wood" Lennor by Lenny Agustin

Colorful and playful thats the word for describe lennor collection, she play with batik and sarong to be youthful outfit. brilliant.. 

Photo & Teks : Bayu Radith

"Effortless Elegance" by Ardistia New York

In 3rd day of Indonesia Fashion week 2013, maxi style present "Styling The world" and the one of designer from the show is Ardistia New York by Ardistia Dwiasri. Simple, Modern and Chic.. she summarized it in "Effortless Elegance"

Ardistia combine pale color pallet to made effortless impression but still elegance with drapery cutting. over all this collection very perfectly for simple and active women to supporting her performance in daily busy day.  

Photo & Teks : Bayu Radith

Jumat, 22 Februari 2013

"Urban Senja" Deluxe by Hengki Kawilarang

When a sun goes down it doesn't mean that a life goes end specially in hyper city, for some people it means that life was begins.. here there are "Urban Senja" Deluxe by Hengki Kawilarang

with this collection he want to show that the busy women can looks feminine, glamours and professional in same times. he mix chill color with attractive pattern and also traditional indonesia pattern. two thumps up for him..

Photo : Bayu Radith