Rabu, 30 Oktober 2013

Prism by Jeffry Tan

Jeffry Tan Spring / Summer 2014 Collection presented in Jakarta Fashion Week 2014, the collection of handsome clothes for women at ease with themselves. Reflecting personality, attitude and allure. these elements are the drivers behind Prism. Here there are Spring / Summer 2014 collection Prism by Jeffry Tan. 

Drapery, cut out, pleats and tuck technique being the power in this collection, he manipulate silk into a feel of leather and also combine with suede fabric. black, navy and white being the colour pallet for this spring / summer collection. very wearable collection. 

Text & Photo by Bayu_Radith

Minggu, 27 Oktober 2013

Sophisticated Youth by Friederich Herman

Jakarta Fashion Week 2014 Bring Indonesia to the world present the young talented Fashion designers Friederich Herman, he got the inspire by the modern woman who walking around us everyday. sporty, and relaxed shapes combine with enhanced cuts and texture mixes. in keeping with his concept of restraint versus volume, here there are Sophisticated Youth by Friederich Herman.

Warm and romantic bursts of colour such as cobalt and indigo being the power to inject drama into sharp linear silhouettes. Silk and chiffon combined with boiled wool and leather being his material in this collection, very simply and modern collection.

Photo & Text by Bayu_Radith

Sabtu, 26 Oktober 2013

Bird Paradise by Susanto Danuwidjaja

IPMI trend show 2014 present Bird paradise by Susanto Danuwidjaja in the last day. inspired from birds in china, he try to transform every birds onto his collection. here there are Bird Paradise by Susanto Danuwidjaja.

vibrant and solid colour with airbrush technique made this collection looks like paintings. tulle, taffeta, and silk with drapery embroidery application made 3 D effect in his collection. very beautiful collection..

Photo and Text by Bayu_Radith