Selasa, 26 November 2013

Occident Orient by Itang Yunasz

Itang Yunasz present the new collection from his label SZ on Jakarta Fashion Week 2104. The themes of his collection is Occident Orient which inspired from the moslem ornament from Turkey and Africa,  he try to transform it in details and motifs. here there are Occident Orient by Itang Yunasz.

Bold colour such as blue, yellow, red and black being the pallet for his collection, he used butterflies and flowers motif from Africa and also the moslem ornament are present in printed fabric. he also used the embroidery for his collection. Very contemporary collection.

Photo & Text Bayu_Radith

Minggu, 24 November 2013

Delicate by Ronald V Gaghana

Jakarta Fashion Week 2014 present The Luxury Moslem Designer and the one of the designer is Ronald V Gaghana, Ronald with the second label Element present his new collection of moslem wear. "Delicate" being the themes of the collection, he want to show the feminine side from moslem women. Here there are Delicate by Ronald V Gaghana.

Pastel colour such as soft pink, blue and brown being the pallet in this collection. silk, satin, chiffon and taffeta material with embroidery detail from China, Morocco and Turkey being the power of this collection. very romantic and elegant collection.

Text and Photo by Bayu_Radith

Minggu, 17 November 2013

Shade Of Blue by Sarinah

MEA as the new private label from Sarinah Department Store present their new collection at Jakarta Fashion Week 2014 Senayan City - Jakarta. they used Indonesian heritage fabric (batik) with natural colour and earth concept, but still in modern ways. Here there are A Shade Of Blue by Sarinah.

with natural colouring technique, the whole batik fabric used indigo leaf for the colouring material. Sarinah try to made indonesian heritage fabric (Batik) being more wearable. very modern collection.

Photo & text by Bayu_Radith

Jumat, 15 November 2013

The Colour of Batavian by Sarinah

Sarinah as the first department store in Indonesia present their Privat label collection (Mea) in Jakarta Fashion Week 2014. Sarinah had collaborate with sapto djojokartiko and Tasya Ascobat Reza, for the first sequence, they try to made indonesian heritage fabric to be more modern and wearable. here there are The colour of Batavian by Sarinah.

people know batik as the Indonesia heritage fabric, and the one of batik is from Batavia. the different about batavia batik is batik from batavia had bright colour, because batik in batavia got influence from china culture.

Text and Photo by Bayu_Radith