Sabtu, 25 April 2015

Luwi Saluadji Privatis by Luwi Saluadji

Luwi Saluadji present the new collection for his label Luwi Saluadji Privatis, this is the private label from Luwi Saluadji, which mean that Luwi just made one suits only (special edition). Luwi think that not only brides who want to look special in weeding day, but the grooms want to look great too. So, he try to made every grooms look glamorous with his collection, there are Luwi Saluadji privatis collection.

The glamors things just for a woman, it so last year. Now, A man can be looks glamor but still masculine. with his label Luwi Saluadji Privatis, Luwi made a suits from luxurious material with the traditional combination detail. in Luwi Saluadji collection, suits not being the boring plain color anymore, he try to used some artistic detail into his suits design. very contemporary collection..

Text and Photo by Bayu_Radith  

Minggu, 19 April 2015

I'heritier by Monica Ivena

Every woman want to be a princess in her wedding day, and Monica Ivena as a bridal gown designer knew it. so, she try to make that dreams come true with her new collection, l'heritier being the themes for her collection which inspired by women in renaissance era. There are I'heritier by Monica Ivena.


Monica try to make classic European ball gown with the modern ways, more simple but still have the touch of renaissance era. It's about 20 luxurious gown for gala, brides, and bridesmaids. Silk, jacquard, organza, tulle, and feathers being the material for her collection, the renaissance era takes from the aesthetic element detail in her gown collection. White still be a favorite for wedding gown, very beautiful and romantic collection.

Text and Photo by Bayu Radith 

Kamis, 16 April 2015

Flower by Buble Girl

Bazaar bridal week 2015 already held, had many bridal designer take a place for present their latest collection. But, had something special for their 10th edition, if usually we just found the bridal gown and tuxedo, this year of Bazaar Bridal Week 2015 present the collection for flower girls. Bubble Girl, the label from Sebastian Gunawan which he passed on for his nephew. The collection inspired by flowers with the fairy princess, here there are flower by Bubble Girl.

flower girl is the one of important thing for the wedding, with the simply themes "flower" bubble girl try to give their customer alternative dress choices. Silk, taffeta, jacquard and organza being the material for this collection, and for the detail they play with drapery, embroidery and embellishment to made more glamorous.Very special dress for your special flower girls in your special day, Perfect!.

Photo and Text by Bayu_Radith