Senin, 29 April 2013

"The Oscar Nominees" by Mel Ahyar

On the opening ceremony, Audi Fashion Nation 2013 present the young talented designer Mel Ahyar, she inspired the collection from Academy Award nominees. here there are "The Oscar Nominees" by Mel ahyar. 

it's about 15 gown inspired from film nominees at academy award, it isn't about to the story but it focus on the character from that film nominees. glamour with the embroidery detail is a key of this fabulous collection.. 

Photo & Text by Bayu Radith 

Sabtu, 27 April 2013

Top 3 Asia Next Top Model cycle 1 at Audi Fashion Nation 2013

Audi automotive Present Audi Fashion Nation 2013 at Senayan City Jakarta. Audi hold the young  talented designer in Indonesia to participate in their event and also Audi bring the top 3 finalist from Asia next top model cycle one to opening this Event. here there are the Top 3 Asia Next Top Model.

Jessica Amornkuldilok

Kate Ma

Stephanie Retuya

They come to Indonesia not only for the opening ceremony of Audi Fashion Nation 2013 but also for during this event. Audi Fashion Nation 2013 made fashion Industry in Indonesia more spectacular.. 

Kamis, 25 April 2013

ARTE 2013 Indonesia Arts Festival

Indonesian Arts is under-growing rapid development, we can see it from the many Indonesian artist who get the internationally acclaimed. to made it more grower Indonesia Artist made this event, here there are some Artist from ARTE 2013.

 Ykha Amelz
"Skull of Spring"

" Save As"

Monica Hapsari
"Define Beauty"

Yaya Sung
"Amagumo Series"

Almost 35 Indonesian Artist being participant in this event, from illustrator, street Artist, Digital Artist, until fine artist showing their work in ARTE 2013. I wish that Indonesia artists can be global.. 

Photo & Text Bayu Radith

Senin, 22 April 2013 Launch Party as the one of Indonesia Web-store present their grand launching party at Prive FX sudirman, Jakarta. Their offered the new collection with the new concept of their web-store, here there are "Hollywood" fashion Show.

"Fashion is just a click away" is the new tag line of,  they made the fashionista more easy and fun to get their lovely stuff in berrybenka made your shopin' day more fantastic.

Photo & Text by Bayu Radith