Minggu, 31 Maret 2013

ZARA Spring / Summer 2013

As the one of high street fashion label in Indonesia, ZARA didn't wanna miss to show their Spring / Summer  2013 collection in Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week event. Here there are ZARA Spring / Summer 2013

to satisfy the high street fashion lovers in Indonesia, zara spring / summer 2013 collection issued the collection in a variety of colors and patterns. black, white, turquoise, yellow and orange being the colors to make your summer more colorful. if you love summer, you also love ZARA 

Photo & Teks by Bayu Radith

Jumat, 29 Maret 2013

MANGO spring / summer 2013 collection

to complete your summer outfit, MANGO present spring / summer 2013 Collection, from Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 here there are MANGO spring / summer 2013 collection.

In interior, Turquoise is the one of favorite color in 2013 and MANGO don't want to miss it, they use leopard printed, black and white trend and also turquoise trend into their spring / summer 2013 collection. it's very elegant and chic collection from MANGO.

Photo & Teks : Bayu Radith