Minggu, 30 Juni 2013

Light Of The Dusk by Sisca Tjong

In last day of ESMOD Jakarta Fashion Festival 2013, Sisca Tjong as the one of alumni Esmod Jakarta present her new collection Light of The Dusk, this collection tells about enlightenment. the journey from the human stated collapse into their light of life. here there are Light of The Dusk by Sisca Tjong. 

Sisca Tjong get the inspiration from life expectancy of people in world war era. dramatic and romantic with the embroidery detail being the power of this collection. she also use lace mix up with tulle and organza material for this collection. 

Photo & Text by Bayu Radith

Selasa, 25 Juni 2013

Immaculate Reflection by Eridani

ESMOD Jakarta Fashion Festival 2013 present the one of the best alumni of ESMOD, Immaculate Reflection by Eridani, he inspired by the dramatical of shadow, The fantastic " Liquidness" made provocative of different imagination in every design. here there are Immaculate Reflection by Eridani.

monochromatic colours being his pallet for this collection, strong but still feminine, simple and quirky cutting edge being the power of his collection. very amazing collection... 

Photo & Text by Bayu Radith

Minggu, 23 Juni 2013

Dude (We'll be moving on) by Nobis Pacem

Nobis Pacem is a brand from Catherine Emilia that focused on new vision of sustainable collection. life with all the problem made us cried or laughed, that's inspired for nobis pacem to made this collection with recycling methods and fabric. here there are Dude (we'll be moving on) by Nobis Pacem.

Recycling is the word when I saw from Nobis Pacem collection, she made rubbish material onto beautiful outfit collection. Nobis Pacem wish that their costumer can got a new spirit from their collection.. very brilliant collection. 

Photo & Text by Bayu Radith

Rabu, 19 Juni 2013

Corolla by SHE HAS

ESMOD Jakarta Fashion Festival 2013 present Corolla by SHE HAS, SHE HAS is a casual creative ready to wear woman clothing by Henny Adisumarto the alumni of ESMOD Jakarta. she inspired by corolla of petal flowers, here there are Corolla by SHE HAS 

In Fall / Winter 2013 collection SHE HAS try to made something new, not only focus in outer beauty but also internal construction, she adopt the shape of petal flowers and try to made a casual creative product but easy maintenance. SHE HAS collaborate with bikin bikin 3D printing and junkiee shoes. beautiful collection... 

Photo & Text by Bayu Radith

Senin, 17 Juni 2013

Translucent by Hian Tjen

ESMOD Jakarta Fashion Festival 2013 present their one of the best alumni Hian Tjen, the collection inspired by sexy mystical woman. he used transparent, see-trough and body fit cutting with pastel colour. here there are "Translucent" by Hian Tjen 

french lace with body fit cutting mix up with beads application and Swarovski crystal being his material in this collection. this collection try to illustrate the sexy, elegant and extravagant woman with mystical feel from the illusion world. very dramatic collection..

Photo & Text by Bayu Radith