Sabtu, 26 Oktober 2013

Bird Paradise by Susanto Danuwidjaja

IPMI trend show 2014 present Bird paradise by Susanto Danuwidjaja in the last day. inspired from birds in china, he try to transform every birds onto his collection. here there are Bird Paradise by Susanto Danuwidjaja.

vibrant and solid colour with airbrush technique made this collection looks like paintings. tulle, taffeta, and silk with drapery embroidery application made 3 D effect in his collection. very beautiful collection..

Photo and Text by Bayu_Radith  

3 komentar:

  1. Wow! What can I say? ... intimidates me!
    Great post! I congratulate the ability and talent to curiosity to me!
    I will always be coming back for more: *

    Katherine Unique

  2. I really love this collection! So interesting!
    - Charlotte