Kamis, 24 Oktober 2013

Grains de Sable (Grins of Sand) by Spous (Priyo Oktaviano)

Never stop to made innovation in Indonesia fashion Industry, IPMI trend show 2014 present Priyo Oktaviano in his second line "Spous", Nature Ecology oriented and inspired from barren desert but sometimes presenting a beautiful mirage which made the people can't miss that moment. Here there are Grains de seble (Grins of Sand) by Spous (Priyo Oktaviano).

he mix up the natural colour pallet such as off white, chocolate and green with natural material such as pineapple fibre, bananas fibre until Water hyacinth fibre being the one of his innovation. dapperly technique, loose cutting  and ethnic accessories detail presenting in this collection. very contemporary  collection.      

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