Minggu, 17 Maret 2013

"Fashion Mob & The Runways" by Lee Copper

Plaza Indonesia and Lee Copper Indonesia present Fashion show with mob concept (Fashion Mob) to celebrate Plaza Indonesia 23rd anniversary. This is for a first time that i see a fashion show with a fun movement concept, the models mingle with visitors and when DJ play the music they come from everywhere and do flash mob using Lee Cooper Spring/summer 2013 Collection. here there are the crowd of "Fashion Mob & The Runways" by Lee Copper.

Lee Cooper not only made fashion mob but also they open pop-up shop for launch Spring/Summer 2013 collection with old town London ambience. nice concept!! Bravo...

Photo & Teks by Bayu Radith

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  1. Love the dark denim and red jeans

    Ali of


  2. I love most of the outfit.