Senin, 08 April 2013

Royal Wisdom by Iwan Tirta Spring / Summer 2013

Not only the foreign fashion brands that come to enliven the plaza Indonesia fashion week 2013 but also a local brand that carries the tradition heritage and culture of Indonesia, here there are the one of local brand who carries about Indonesian culture Royal Wisdom by Iwan Tirta Private Collection Spring / summer 2013. 

Iwan Tirta Privat collection try to made Indonesian heritage fabric into the modern ways of elegance, they used many pattern of batik such as Buketan, Parang Barong, kawung and etc. edgy and elegance in red and black color pallet and also detail of see-trough trend made this collection looks sexy and glamour.

Photo & Teks : Bayu Radith 

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  1. love all the prints!

    Great selection!

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  2. Really cool collection! The first and third dresses are my favorites. :D

  3. The collection looks totally stunning <3


  4. I'm here
    look at the guy with red baseball cap
    that's me
    even though it's blur

    Mr. Rebel in Town