Senin, 10 Juni 2013

"Postcard" by Biyan Wanaatmaja

Biyan Wanaatmaja present his "postcard" collection at Hotel Mulia Senayan. he inspired from his postcards collection which accompany his 30-years career in fashion industry, he admitted often move where and collecting postcards. here there are "postcard" collection by Biyan Wanaatmaja

Postcard collection being biyan memorabilia of history, culture and heritage of biyan in three decades. organza, tulle and light silk being the main material for his collection. biyan try to transform the archipelago from 30-years career into one collection. bravoo...

Photo & Text by Bayu Radith

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  1. Super :)

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  2. i am loving the all white looks on the runway this year

  3. ahh! amazing


  4. loved this catwalk

  5. çok güzel kreasyon
    sevgiler :)

  6. Love them all, great collection!