Selasa, 01 April 2014

"The Power Of Colour" by Dauky

Dauky as the one of big retail Muslim Fashion in Indonesia take apart in the biggest fashion movement Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 for the first time, Dauky try to hold 6 female Indonesia fashion blogger for their stylish, they are Alya Dimitri, Qonita Al-Jundiah, Joyagh, Aliah LSA, Riski Putri Malida, and Ayu Aryuli.

The Power of Colour being the theme of Dauky Fashion Show, Dauky present about 18 collection in bright colour with the simply cutting. Here there are from Hijab day Indonesia Fashion Week 2014, The Power Of Colour by Dauky.

Striped, flowered, and also tie-dye motif with the colorful pattern being the main element from this hijab collection. they succeed to combine the casual wear onto high fashion looks, love all the collection.

Text and Photo by Bayu_Radith 

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  1. You know this collection feels like a Indian "Vivienne Westwood".Thank you for introducing

    Royal Wang,stay in touch

  2. Ahhhh thankyou so much..
    Cant describe what i feel now but i love this review.. supperrbbb.. thanks bayu radith ����

  3. I love muslim culture in india appox 40 crore muslim people. Some of are the a big celeb see them on