Senin, 16 Maret 2015

SIWAGRHA by Dini Pratiwi Irawati

Dini Pratiwi Irawati present her S/S 2015 collection at Jakarta Fashion Week 2015. Siwagrha, She inspired by Prambanan temple relief and Lara Jonggrang folktale. She try to mix the cultural themes with the modern silhouette and cutting edge, such as cropped top, mini dress, tulip skirt, and maxi dress. Here there are Siwagrha by Dini Pratiwi Irawati.

Hand stitch detail with the cut-out embroidery technique applied into the fancy materials such as cotton, silk, and duchess, ready to wear collection with fine quality craftsmanship and high tailoring made this collection simple yet elegant.

Text and Photo by Bayu_Radith     

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